About Us

When it comes to transforming fashion’s status quo, Totini is making sustainability their company culture and setting the tone for other retailers to do the same. Totini is the largest e-commerce online shopping platform and fully export-oriented business unit launched in 2016. In this short span of time, it has become a leading retail and wholesaler of fashionable lifestyle. The company exemplifies leadership, vision, determination, innovation, and growth. Commitment to the environment and development of jute products and eco-friendly promotional services that will create an environmentally sustainable future in the days to come.

Totini is moving forward with the idea of protecting the climate by making biodegradable jute products and a sustainable lifestyle and also supporting Bangladeshi farmers and communities and transparency. Our jute is a leading jute industry with almost all national and international recognition. The company has ensured timely shipment with the best quality. The growing amount of artificial synthetic fibers in the market is a constant threat to the environment after the disposal of tons and tons. Along with business, we believe mankind is safe under nature, and natural fibers can beautify this universe. in existence and in a beautiful form for generations to come.

Totini always provides great value for customers and we pride ourselves on providing top-level products at competitive prices so you can find the best items for your business. Totini is a competitor herself. We always appreciate positive feedback from customers and always seek their suggestions for improvement, as this is a continuous process. Documentation and courier delivery speech sets us apart from others.

We create high quality products designed for longevity, to be worn and loved for a long time. Continuous quality improvement is the driving force of our organizational policy. We aim to reach high-quality standards for the products we manufacture. Our clients thus meet the needs of the market requirements.

Our mission and vision

Totini's top quality control team consists of techno-commercial experts who ensure quality and cost. They work in collaboration with the manufacturing team to maintain production quality. Quality systems are used to be customer driven and involved. The true measure of quality at Totini is meeting customer requirements with products of superior quality and performance. Quality and timely delivery of our products will be key to our competitiveness for years to come. At Totini, we fully understand and utilize our Quality Management System as it continues to provide a solid foundation for success. Totini differs from most other international suppliers because we are a full-service provider with reliable, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and strong creative and analytical capabilities. Dominate these markets with high quality:

  • Clothing: Men's and Women's Fashion Clothing 
  • Jute bags (jute shopping bags, jute brown bags, jute sack bags, ladies' bags, beach bags, etc.)
  • Jute items (table placemats, table runners, sandals, shoes, etc.)

Environmental protection by producing biodegradable jute-based products. Totini strictly adheres to ETI guidelines. Thus, we maintain strict vigilance to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. Factories, free from forced and child labor, are aware of fair wages for all workers that create equal employment opportunities regardless of gender and race.

Bangladesh is the largest exporter of jute products in the world. Totini contributes a healthy share by exporting 100% of its products. we are helping the world to become bio-degradable and eco-friendly through the strongest network of jute products worldwide, we have firmly planted our feet in the international market for six years. Over the past five years, we have done business in the United States and European countries and among others. We never compromise on quality and are strictly ethical in our trading principles.