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Experience elegance with our Serene Moonlight Sleeveless Kurti. This beautifully crafted garment features a round neckline, 3/4 sleeves adorned with intricate screen print and embroidery. The dress, made from 100% fabric, offers a comfortable fit for sizes 36-40, and includes convenient pockets. Perfect for casual wear, this kurti with a sleeveless west court design is a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

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  1. Features:

    • Sleeveless West Court Design
    • Round Neckline for a Classic Look
    • 3/4 Sleeves with Elegant Screen Print and Embroidery
    • Comfortable 100% Fabric
    • Size Range: 36-40
    • Convenient Pockets
    • Waist Range: 33.55-37 inches
    • Dress Length: 45 inches
  2. Benefits:

    • Versatile and Stylish for Casual Wear
    • High-Quality 100% Fabric for Comfort
    • Intricate Screen Print and Embroidery for a Unique Touch
    • Convenient Pockets for Added Functionality
    • Flattering Sleeveless West Court Design
  • Style No: K-5
  • Color: Moonlight
  • Product Type: Kurti with Sleeveless West Court
  • Fabric: 100%
  • Size: 36-40
  • Neck Style: Round Neckline
  • Value Addition: Screen Print and Embroidery
  • Dress Length: 45 inches
  • Sleeve Type: 3/4 Sleeve
  • Sleeve Length: 17 inches
  • Pocket Description: Yes
  • Waist: 33.55-37 inches
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